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Revolutionizing Joint Replacement

AI-Enabled 3D Reconstruction from Standard 2D X-rays
We believe every patient should have access to precise, personalized, and objective surgical planning, to ensure the best possible outcome.
 Reconstruction from AP & Lateral X-rays 
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The Ultimate Market Differentiator

Say goodbye to costly, time-consuming, labor-intensive traditional CT based planning. Our AI creates a precise 3D model from standard plain-film X-rays in less than a minute, and will enable the next generation of automated, reproducible planning for joint replacement surgeries.

Eliminate CT and its cost

XPlan uses standard X-rays to create a 3D model and enable the planning. No more costly CT, no non-reimbursement issues, and no added costs for hospitals or patients.

Support pre-op implant sizing and planning

XPlan is the perfect new modality for pre-op planning. Just like a CT it enables all the needed  measurements and sizing, supporting  implant selection and cutting plan.

Dramatically reduce turnaround time

XPlan elimitnates the long turnaround time needed to schedule the CT, perform and read the scan, and send it back to the referring Orthopedist. Our AI generates the 3D model directly from the X-rays, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual 3D segmentation.

Personalized, 3D knee model

XPlan uses advanced AI to quickly create a patient specific 3D model for surgical planning.

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BG AI wave.png
Original CT
Ground truth
 Reconstructed 3D Image

AI-Powered Technology with sub-mm accuracy

XPlan's technology provides robust, industry-leading accuracy, making it a perfect fit for preoperative planning and robotic arthroplasty.

Powered by a strong portfolio of unique, patent-pending technologies, from 2D to 3D reconstruction to image calibration to automated, AI-based implant fitting.

Clinical Evidence

  • Sub-mm accuracy on clinical patient cases (Rmse)

  • Same level of accuracy measured on robotic registration points

Brings value to all stakeholders


Eliminates out of pocket CT costs that are not reimbursed

Healthcare Providers

Eliminates the economic and operational burden of CT scans

Insurance Companies

Lowers the cost of TKA imaging,  improving outcome  satisfaction

Implants Vendors

Eliminates CT cost

Shorter turnaround time

Increases RATKA volumes

Individual Patients

No CT co-payment

Enables pre-op planning and improved outcome

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